Information for parents

Information for parents

The School of Business, Economics and Information Systems

The University of Passau looks after its students, and particularly its international students, freeing them up to focus fully on their studies.

Passau itself is a relatively small town, distances are short and the crime rate is very low.

Baybids, the Bavarian support initiative for German schools abroad and partner schools abroad provides information to parents of students who wish to study at a Bavarian university for a semester. Additionally, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has published a brochure titled "Studying in Germany" , which provides answers to questions commonly asked by parents.

A safe place to live with a high quality of life

View on the Dome of Passau

Passau has one of the lowest crime rates in Germany,
so it's safe for both men and women to walk through the city centre at night or go home from the railway station on foot or by bus.

Passau is half as expensive as Munich, but at least as nice!
Accommodation, shopping and leisure activities cost far less than in the larger cities – and the quality of goods and services is identical. Passau offers a wealth of little boutiques, shops and cafés in the pedestrian zone, as well as in the recently built shopping mall, so whatever it is you're looking for, you're likely to find it in Passau.

There are many ways to finance your studies at the University of Passau

In addition to the classic funding options, such as the ERASMUS grants, your son or daughter has access to a large variety of scholarships to help him or her finance their study abroad.

Why not check the DAAD database for suitable scholarships for international students who wish to study in Germany for one or more semesters? Other ways to pay toward one's studies is to take a student assistant job at the University of Passau or get a student job outside the University. 


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