International alumni

International alumni

International students at the University of Passau

You've come to Passau from all over the world to study, teach or do research, now you're part of the worldwide network of alumni of the University of Passau. The University of Passau and the AlumniClub have set up a programme for international alumni to help you manage the network of private and professional contacts you established during your studies at the University of Passau. 

The University of Passau is keen to foster and intensify its links with you, its international alumni. This programme has a lot to offer, including:

  • a worldwide network of alumni sections
  • an active online community to help you keep in touch
  • contacts at German companies and institutions in your home country
  • an alumni newsletter with up-to-date information on the University and Passau
  • workshops, training courses and seminars taught by experts in their field

Learn more about the University of Passau's AlumniClub (in German)

What is it like to study in Bavaria as an international student?

The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts has asked former international students at Bavarian universities to relate their experiences during their time in Bavaria.

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