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Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer

Science for a Networked Society

As a university, we consider it one of our primary duties to highlight the social relevance of academic research and make new knowledge accessible. To us, innovation is not limited to technological progress but includes solving social problems by adopting new academic perspectives across all disciplines.

For many years, our University's centres and institutes have successfully engaged in knowledge transfer and international research partnerships for highly topical subject areas, such as Internet security and security law; reliable and secure energy supply using Internet-based Smart Grids; digital forms of communication and new occupations related to communication; Internet-based cooperation platforms; worldwide economic activity, global financial markets and digital business transactions.

University of Passau: Knowledge transfer

The University of Passau maintains active links with businesses on a regional, national and international scale. We cooperate with a wide range of organisations, including businesses, schools, hospitals, museums and state archives. The University cooperates with a wide range of organisations, including businesses, schools, hospitals, museums and state archives, and benefits from its contacts to business and commerce. In doing so, it strongly promotes networking and exchange between business and commerce on the one hand and the University on the other.

Passau is one of the leading regions in Germany in terms of business start-ups. Many University of Passau alumni have set up businesses in Passau in recent years, creating numerous jobs in the region. Building on its strengths, the University wishes to intensify the transfer of leading-edge research from all academic disciplines to businesses and society at large.


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