Business start-up support

Business start-up support

In recent years, Passau's students and graduates have established numerous successful businesses. With the help of business simulations, start-up networks, student societies and indeed the lectures and seminars themselves, the University wishes to kindle students' interest in setting up a business of their own, and has made it its aim to further intensify these measures for instance through start-up coaching, competitions, a start-up Café and a regional network of entrepreneurship-related institutions.

According to a survey by the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung in Bonn, an institute that conducts research and surveys for SMEs, Passau is among the regions with the highest business start-up propensity in Germany.

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Start-up coaching

All students, alumni and staff of the University who are considering setting up their own companies or have already taken the first steps in that direction have access to a free business consultation with the University's Start-up Coach.

Support programmes

Contact us for advice on different support offers for emerging start-ups.

Gründercafé Passau mit sprießendem Pflänzchen

The Start-up Café gives entrepreneurial students a forum to discuss their business ideas and to exchange experiences. It connects students interested in starting a business with already successful business founders.

Detailed information on the Gründercafé Start Up

Time for your start-up

Students who wish to realise their business idea and to set up a company have the chance to take up to two semesters off during their regular study period under the 'Gründerzeit' programme.

Important: If you are here on a study visa you should consult the foreigners' registration office (Ausländeramt) first before applying for Gründerzeit, as this might change your purpose of stay and potentially void your visa.

Find out more about 'Gründerzeit'.

Logo 5-Euro-Business-Wettbewerb

How does one set up a company and achieve financial independence? Find out! Apply for the 5-Euro-Business Competition and set up your own company.

Apply and find out more

Business Plan Competition 'ideenReich'

The Bavarian Business Plan Competition is aimed at entrepreneurs with innovative, growth-oriented business ideas in the field of technology.

The application is open to entrepreneuers from southeast Bavaria. Following the competition, all participants are invited to further take part in Munich's South Bavaria-wide Business Plan Competition.

Click here to find out more and register for the competition.

Entrepreneurship research

Academics at the University of Passau have made entrepreneurship one of the core themes of their teaching and research. Here is an overview of their research and teaching in that area.

External support programmes and consultancies

These sources offer further helpful information around starting up your own business, such as the choice of legal form, issues of taxation and obtaining financing for the project.

Additional contacts

In addition to entrepreneurship research, the University of Passau has a variety of institutions which also offer a multitude of support services to do with business start-ups.

  • The AlumniClub is one of the largest university alumni organisations in Germany. Regular network meetings are often centred on entrepreneurship.
  • The kuwi netzwerk international e.V. is an alumni network for students and graduates of Passau's International Cultural and Business Studies and European Studies degree courses. Kuwi netzwerk offers a mentorship programme, among other things.
  • The ManagementConvent is the University's enterprise relations platform at the interface between business and academia. It promotes cooperation between students, alumni, academics on the one hand and businesses and business-related institutions on the other.

Furthermore, there are a number of student societies which are concerned with business thinking and action:


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