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The University conducts world-class basic and applied research. We owe this success to our high-calibre scholars working at our 122 Chairs, our sound and consistent interdisciplinary approach and the extensive support we give our early career researchers.

Our aim is to be a forward-looking, internationally renowned and attractive university that produces excellent, competitive research and delivers strong, innovative teaching. Both are centred on the overarching theme of Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures and the focal topics of Europe and Global Transformation as well as Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order. The University strives to become, by 2028, one of the leading European centres of basic research in the societal implications of digitalisation.

Research projects

Professor Malte Rehbein (standing) and Oliver Gondring working on establishing a joint laboratory infrastructure with the University of Ceske Budejovice

The outstanding research output of the University is reflected in its participation in numerous national and global research projects. Some of our research endeavours, centres and networks are particularly important for defining the profile of our University.

Projects related to Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures

The Institute of IT Security and Security Law (ISL) and the University's membership in the East-Bavarian Internet and Digitalisation Network (INDIGO), the East-Bavarian Centre of Internet Competence and the Digital Start-up Centre for Lower Bavaria (Gründerzentrum Niederbayern) exemplify the University's focus on its overarching theme.

The University, moreover, currently establishes the Cyber<>Spaces Research Cluster, which will create a unique forum for interdisciplinary basic research on one of the greatest challenges of our time: the societal implications of digitalisation.

Across the whole range of subjects at the University of Passau, our academics are involved in numerous other national and international research projects, including the ERC Advanced Grant 'ReConFort'.

Selected ongoing research projects

Research support

Professional advice from the Research Services Division

When conducting world-class research, academics must rely on their creativity; but they also require administrative structures that reliably and comprehensively support them in their work. The Research Services Division provides professional advice and support on gaining funding from German and international donor organisations.

Any university that strives to maintain sustained excellence in research and teaching must provide a first-rate support base for those setting out on their research careers. To this end, the University has made it a core objective to give its early career researchers the best possible support when it comes to gaining qualifications and participating in (international) networks. In this, particularly consideration is given to the University’s female academics.

Passau International Centre for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (PICAIS)

By 2018, PICAIS will be a visible place on campus for the advancement of exemplary research, international networking activities and for the support of early career researchers. It will be designed as a permanent, autonomous unit of the University that is particularly suited to furthering the visibility of our research output as another cornerstone for the internationalisation of our research.