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The University conducts basic and applied research on a global scale. We owe this success to our high-calibre scholars, the sound and consistent interdisciplinary approach and the extensive support we give our early career researchers.

Research projects

Professor Malte Rehbein (standing) and Oliver Gondring working on establishing a joint laboratory infrastructure with the University of Ceske Budejovice

Scholars and scientists from the University of Passau are involved in a multitude of national and global research projects, such as the DFG Research Training Group on Privacy and the ReConFort project, which has received an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council.

Follow this link for a selection of current research projects

Research Services

Professional advice on the whole spectrum of national and international research topics

The Research Services section advises academics on all aspects of getting support for their research projects in Germany and abroad. In order to create optimal conditions for researchers, the University has put in place procedures for research and education projects and research and development contracts.

Research Services

Support for early career researchers at the University of Passau

Any university that strives to achieve sustained excellence in research and teaching must provide an excellent support base for those starting out on their research careers. For the University of Passau, ensuring that our doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars receive the best quality training and support is a top priority.

Support for early career researchers