Research Services

Research Services

The team of the Research Services Division
The Research Services team (left to right): Anja Wißpeintner, Nancy Scharpff, Birgit Luger, Anna Sperrhake, Dr Kerstin Theis, Sabine Wiendl, Iris Köckerandl, Tina Ochmann, Carolin Erbersdobler, Rebekka Sziborsky, Verena Lichtenauer

The Research Services Division supports all members of the University of Passau in raising external funds (also called 'third-party funds') for research and development projects, conferences, travel grants and printing subsidies.

Our services:

  • Individual advice and information on German, European and international research programmes
  • Help with preparing your grant application
  • Support during the application process
  • Administrative project support
  • Contract negotiations


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For further information on funding opportunities, application procedures and legal matters concerning external funding, please contact Division III – Research Services.