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Visiting scholars' programmes

Visiting scholars' programmes

The University of Passau is renowned for its international outlook. This includes lively exchanges with academics from all over the world. Visiting scholars are an enrichment for our University and strengthen the bonds with our international partner universities.

Welcome Centre

Welcome to Passau!

The Welcome Centre wishes to facilitate your stay at the University, whether you are an international visiting scholar or a postdoctoral student. We are at your service in all non-academic matters.

Welcome Centre of the University

Humboldt Fellow Mindy Nunez Duffourc

A number of Humboldt fellows are currently studying at the University of Passau, among them Mindy Nunez Duffourc. Here is what she said about her stay in Passau. more

Research visit at the DFG Research Training Group

Innovative research of the highest standard requires the active co-operation of an interdisciplinary group of experts. The DFG Research Training Group 1681/2 ‘Privacy and Digitalisation’ thus regularly offers guest lectures held by German and international visiting scholars. Moreover, as a visiting scholar, you have the opportunity to become a permanently fixture in our study and research programme.

Visiting scholars' programme of the DFG RTG 'Privacy and Digitalisiation'

Faculty programmes

The Chairs of the University extend invitations to international scholars. Funding from central student subsidies and state allocations is available for the faculties to invite external scholars. Foreign-language courses and lectures are an invaluable resource for our students, enriching university life and strengthen our bond with Passau’s international partner universities.