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Around 13,000 students from over 100 countries study and conduct research in Passau at one of the best universities in the world: scientifically sound, innovative and international.

Our aim is to be a forward-looking, internationally renowned and attractive Bavarian University for Europe that delivers a significant contribution to the solution of current and future challenges. This we will do by way of excellent research and qualifying our students for executive positions in science, business and society. Comprehensive education through science is our mission.

Studying in Passau: Research-led, innovative and international

Study options

Our four faculties offer 39 quality-assured degree programmes. We place great emphasis on ensuring that students can complete their degree programmes within the standard period of study. Our degree programmes combine innovative teaching concepts with a strongly international outlook. [More on this]

Before you start

We expect a lot from our students. But at the same time, we provide you with individual support and first-rate education to give you the best chance for a bright future. What other reasons are there to study at the University of Passau? What does it take to study here? How do I apply for a programme? Why not watch a webinar or attend an open day or other orientation event for prospective students? For new students, the orientation weeks at the start of each semester are a great way to become acquainted with the University, its services and procedures and the other students in your year. [More on this]

During your studies

The virtual learning environments of the University of Passau support you in organising your studies: from using the Stud.IP environment to create your timetable to using HISQIS for exam registrations. A wide range of business contacts and over 200 partner universities worldwide provide you with plenty of opportunities for internships and studying abroad. The University of Passau also provides financial support to particularly talented and dedicated students. [More on this]

After you graduate

Part of the reason why our alumni are so successful on a global basis is that we provide them with the best prerequisites for living and working in a globalised world. Benefit from the offers of the Centre for Careers and Competencies and make use of its networks with regional and international companies and successful alumni. [More on this]

Campus and culture

The University’s guiding principle is to foster excellence in research and establish outstanding working conditions, particularly for students and early career researchers. Our modern campus, a stone's throw from the historic Old Town of Passau, offers ideal conditions for your studies. This campus is not only well-equipped in terms of technical infrastructure; it has also won numerous architecture prizes. The University of Passau supports university life and the social commitment of its students in a variety of ways, for example within the framework of its registered student clubs and societies, of which there are more than 100. [More on this]

Student services and advice

The University of Passau offers a comprehensive range of advisory and support services for all issues that might arise throughout your university career. This includes advice for those thinking about applying for a degree programme, introductory courses and tutorials for new students who are just starting out, in-depth guidance on planning your degree programme even at the later stages of study, and of course careers advisory services and transferable skills training seminars. [More on this]