The student committees: students helping students

The student committees: students helping students

Students of the University of Passau

The student committees of the four faculties, 'Fachschaften' in German or officially 'Fachschaftsvertretungen', are your first port of call as a student. The student committees sit on the faculty boards, in the student parliament, on the student fees committee and the appointments committees to ensure that your interests as a student are protected. The student committees also inform students of current developments in their respective faculty which directly or indirectly affect your studies.

Tips from your fellow students

Last but not least, the student committees can give you valuable tips on issues that crop up during day-to-day student life. For you as a student, they are your first point of contact for any study-related enquiries, offering advice on how to organise your degree programme and lending a hand with drawing up your timetable. A great help – particularly when you're preparing for exams – are the past papers, exam records and sample papers available for viewing or purchase at the student committees' offices. Studying is a walk in the park with the wide range of services offered by the student committees – which include book exchanges, the annotated course catalogue and a host of informational material on scholarships, internships and so on.

Who you gonna call? Why, your student committee, of course!

The student committees are a fixture in your studies, from your first day at uni all the way to graduation, and are always ready to help you with problems small and big. So, you're feeling a bit overwhelmed in between sorting out your timetable and getting some kind of order into your books and lecture notes, your student committees are right by your side. In addition, we actively organise a lot of activities during the semester and are not least responsible for organising and carrying out the Orientation Week at the start of each semester. Come and pay us a visit!

The student committees at the University of Passau

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities Student Committee

Fachschaft Philo (Arts and Humanities Student Committee)

Innstraße 40 (Nikolakloster building)
Room 235
Phone: +49 851 509 2613

Faculty of Law

Law Student Committee

FS Jura (Law Student Committee)

Innstraße 39 (Juridicum building)
Room 028
Phone: +49 851 509 2204

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

Business and Economics Student Committee

FS WiWi (Business and Economics Student Committee)

Innstraße 27 (Business and Economics building)
Room 025
Phone: +49 851 509 2404

Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Computer Science and Mathematics student committee (FS Info)

FS info (Computer Science and Mathematics Student Committee)

Innstraße 33 (Computer Centre building)
Room 244
Phone: +49 851 509 3004