English-taught modules in the upcoming semester

English-taught modules in the upcoming semester

Below is an overview of the University's English-taught courses held in the coming semester.

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 14 Veranstaltungen, Gruppierung: Type
20135 Propädeutikum U.S. Law
(Fedtke, Jörg, Prof. Dr.)
20935 Judiciary as Constituted Power
(Müßig, Ulrike, Prof. Dr.)
21000 Internationales Umweltrecht /International Environmental Law
(Dederer, Hans-Georg, Prof. Dr.)
21040 World Trade Law (Welthandelsrecht)
(Herrmann, Christoph, Prof. Dr., LL.M.)
21080 Europäisches Beihilfenrecht/European State Aid Law
(Kamann, Hans-Georg, Prof. Dr.)
21740 U.S. Contract Law (Contracts) (including UCC)
(Fedtke, Jörg, Prof. Dr.)
21750 U.S. Constitutional Law
(Fedtke, Jörg, Prof. Dr.)
21755 UK Public Law (UoL)
(Fedtke, Jörg, Prof. Dr., Gibbs, David)
21920 (vhb) External Relations Law of the EU (engl.)
(Herrmann, Christoph, Prof. Dr., LL.M.)
25630 Constitutional discourse of 18th century-Europe
(Ashton, Bodie, Dr.)
25640 European and International Criminal Law (CECIL)
(Esser, Robert, Prof. Dr.)
26560 (vhb) European and International Monetary Law
(Herrmann, Christoph, Prof. Dr., LL.M.)
26565 (vhb) European Trade and Investment Policy and External Trade Law
(Herrmann, Christoph, Prof. Dr., LL.M.)
27960 Introduction to European Law (engl.)
(Kübek, Gesa)

Business Administration and Economics

 3 Veranstaltungen, Gruppierung: Type
38561 Managing and Leading Strategic Innovation and Change
(König, Andreas, Prof. Dr.)
38568 Strategy and Innovation Consulting
Termine am Montag. 08.04. - Freitag. 12.04. 09:00 - 18:00, Ort: (NK) SR... (Graf-Vlachy, Lorenz, Dr.)
38571 Theory and Methods in Strategy, Leadership, and Innovation Research
(König, Andreas, Prof. Dr., De Oliveira Kuhn, Heribert)

Arts and Humanities

 4 Veranstaltungen, Gruppierung: Type
41730 "Between Continuity and Transformation: Democracy in 2019."
Termine am Montag. 27.05. - Freitag. 07.06. 10:00 - 18:00, Ort: (NK) R ... (Gellner, Winand, Prof. Dr., Oswald, Michael T., Dr.)
45030 Contemporary Research in East and East Central Europe: Theories and Methods
(Uffelmann, Dirk, Prof. Dr.)
Pro- und Hauptseminar
45020 Performances of Social and Political Protest (Cinema, Theatre, Musik and Arts)
(N., N.)
45070 Laughing Matters: The Musical Comedy Films of the Soviet Union
(Spodarets, Galyna)

Computer Science and Mathematics

 0 Veranstaltungen, Gruppierung: Type