About the University

About the University

Study and do research in the heart of Europe

Owing to its excellent research, an outstanding study environment and a tight-knit international network of partners, the University of Passau is a highly visible and highly respected academic and research institution in the heart of Europe. Internationally successful high-technology companies and a vibrant start-up scene, coupled with a rich culture and Lower Bavarian traditions make Passau a city with a high quality of life.

Die Dreiflüsse Stadt Passau

Some 13,000 students hailing from 100 countries and more than 1,100 staff in primary employment in the academic units and academic support divisions are engaged in research, teaching and higher education support functions on our university campus, located just a stone’s throw from the Old Town of Passau. This campus is not only well-equipped in terms of its technical infrastructure but has also won numerous architecture prizes.

International networks

Internationalism has always been a hallmark of the University, as well as an important strategic aim. Our worldwide connections are underpinned by vibrant partnerships we maintain on a global scale, particularly the cross-border co-operative and research partnerships of our academics.

Our students and academics are also involved in networks that reach far beyond Passau. Many degree courses give students the chance to earn an international double degree, and all our students have access to a large range of language courses and student exchange programmes. Our subject-specific language programmes in Law, Business/Economics, Cultural Studies/International Relations and Computer Science/Mathematics ideally complement our students’ degree studies and give them an edge on the international labour markets.

Studying for success

The University regularly attains top positions in academic rankings in Bavaria and the German-speaking world, e.g. in Law, Business and Economics, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Political Science and Cultural Studies. Representative surveys, such as the Study Quality Monitor, regularly attest to the high level of student satisfaction at the University.

Our graduates are highly sought-after by employers, as they are not only equipped with the knowledge needed to embark on their careers but also highly motivated. This is demonstrated by the additional qualifications and the practical knowledge they gain on top of their regular studies; many are engaged in projects outside of their degree studies and in the various student clubs and societies, which provide a valuable contribution to campus life as well as the international profile of the University.

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