Facts and figures

Facts and figures

The University of Passau opened on 9 October 1978 with a total enrolment figure of 463 students in its first semester.


12,581 students and enrolled doctoral researchers (as of 25 September 2017), including 1,314 international students (10.44%) from e.g. Austria (169), India (110), China (PRC) (78), Russian Federation (75), Italy (56), Tunisia (54), France (46), Turkey (46), Hungary (45), Pakistan (34), Syria (32), Ukraine (30), Brazil (27), Romania (27), Czech Republic (27), Iran (26), Spain (24), United States (22), Argentina (21), Kosovo (21), Greece (16), Bulgaria (15), Croatia (14), Mexico (14), Poland (14), Indonesia (11), South Korea (11), and Vietnam (11).

Figures by faculty

Professorial staff by faculty

Faculties Chaired professors
professors (C3/W2)
professors (W1)
Faculty of Law 19 3  
Business, Economics and Information Systems 20 1
Arts and Humanities* 35 21  
Computer Science and Mathematics 18 4 1
Totals 92 28 2


Enrolled students by faculty

Faculties Enrolled students of which at their 1st semester of study
Faculty of Law 2,408 635**
Business, Economics and Information Systems 1,933 668**
Arts and Humanities* 6,939 2,430**
Computer Science and Mathematics 1,060 306**
Enrolled doctoral students 241 23
Totals 12,581 4,062

The student figure for each faculty is determined by the total number of students enrolled in courses offered by the relevant faculty. Due to their modular nature, the bachelor’s and master’s programmes as well as the long-cycle teacher education programmes may include courses administered by more than one faculty.

* The Faculty of Arts and Humanities comprises five departments:

  • Department of Catholic Theology
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Cultural Studies
  • Department of Governance and Historical Studies
  • Department of Language, Text and Media Studies

** The majority of degree programmes start in October each year

University staff, international partnerships, facilities

Total staff (as of 1 July 2017):
1,873 (1,018 FTE*) in primary occupation, of which:
   689 (553 FTE) academic staff
   431 (343 FTE) academic support staff
* FTE = Full-time equivalent

The University maintains worldwide partnerships with 235 universities and higher education institutions (as of 1 October 2017).

Central facilities and services, institutes and research centres

Support for early career researchers

Study options

Degree programmes of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Information Systems

Degree programmes of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Bachelor's programmes

B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Internet Computing
B.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc. Mobile and Embedded Systems

Master's programmes

M.Sc. Computational Mathematics (planned start: April 2018)
M.Sc. Computer Science
M.Sc. Mobile and Embedded Systems

Unique features of our degree programmes

  • Language courses for students of all faculties in Chinese, Czech, English, French, German as a Foreign Language, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese
  • Subject-specific language programmes for students of business & economics; cultural studies & international relations; law; and computer science & mathematics
  • A wide range of transferable skills courses are offered to students at all faculties
  • Numerous exchange programmes with our international partner universities
  • International double degree programmes for students enrolled in the following programmes: Law undergraduate programme; LL.M. German and Russian Law; M.Sc. Business Administration; M.A. European Studies; M.A. Governance and Public Policy; B.A. and M.A. International Cultural and Business Studies; M.Sc. Computer Science; and M.Sc. Mobile and Embedded Systems

Student Services Association (Studentenwerk)

Student halls of residence with approximately 600 rooms.
Refectory with a seating capacity of 560.
Proportion of students receiving BAföG student loans: 14.9% (in winter semester 2016-17)
Website of the Student Services Association (Studentenwerk)


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