University development plan and target agreements

University development plan and target agreements

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University Development Plan 2018–22


University Development Plan 2018–22 (full text)

By its 50th anniversary in 2028, the University of Passau intends to become one of the leading centres in Europe for basic interdisciplinary research on the effects of digitalisation on society.

With this vision, the University of Passau is continuing its successful Technik Plus development programme. The University focuses its research on the guiding themes of 'Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures', 'Europe and Global Transformation' and 'Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order’. In order to meet future social challenges, it is committed to and promotes diversity in research and teaching.

Furthermore, the University intends to remain a viable, internationally visible and attractive Bavarian university with excellent, competitive research activities and strong, innovative teaching – a university for Europe and for the challenges facing Europe both now and in the future. It strives to foster excellence in research and to continue improving the outstanding working conditions at the University – in particular for its students and early career researchers.

Cross-faculty strategy process

Since 2012, the Technik Plus development programme has driven a cross-faculty strategy process whose individual measures are closely related to the overarching theme of 'Networked Society, Digitalisation and (Internet) Cultures'. A new round of university development planning began in April 2016. The Extended University Executive was the forum for the related discussions. Each of the four faculties prepared a development plan on this basis. Considerations and objectives from These were then incorporated into the University Development Plan.

Target agreements

With this strategy process, the University of Passau has prepared itself for the renewal of its target agreements with the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, which is based on the Higher Education 4.0 Innovation Pact and the University Development Plan 2018–22.

On the basis of the target Agreements 2019-2022, the State of Bavaria provides a reliable financial framework for its public higher education institutions for a four-year period. At the same time, the higher education institutions undertake to guarantee the required education capacities, to systematically develop the quality levels in its teaching, and to expressly pursue further targets set in the Innovation Pact, such as internationalisation and equal opportunities.

For details on the current and previous target agreements of all Bavarian higher education institutions, visit the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.