Student representatives

Student representatives

The Student Representatives' Council consists of four delegates elected by the Student Parliament, the Student Senator and usually four additional delegates. The Student Representatives' Council represents the students' interests.

Members and contact information

Room NK 227 (Nikolakloster building, 2nd floor)
Innstrasse 40, 94032 Passau, Germany
Phone: +49 851 509 1970
Fax: +49 1971 509 1971

Pia Haupeltshofer (Chair)
Johannes Stahl
Sarah Rommel
Simon Schaarschidt
Maren Romstedt (Student Senator)
Hendrik Pelzl (Student Senator)

Student Parliament

The Student Parliament represents the students' interests. It acts as the mouthpiece for Passau's students, relaying suggestions to the University Directorate, the faculties and other official bodies of the University of Passau. It also has a vetting function: as an elected board of student representatives, it votes on the acceptance and rejection of received petitions, which may be in the form of detailed proposals, or mere suggestions and guidelines.

Student representatives and contact information


Room NK 227 (Nikolakloster building, 2nd floor)
Innstrasse 40, 94032 Passau, Germany
Phone: +49 851 509 1972
Fax: +49 851 509 1971

Members of the Student Parliament

Julian Bäumler

Andreas Brunner
Lukas Cramer
Marie-Louisa Emde
Eva Charlotte Guske
Friederike Hawighorst
Vincent Hogenkamp
Simon Kalmbach
Lea Jung
Joscha Lieberknecht
Michael Luppert
Ansgar Münichsdorfer
Jonas Pöhler
Daniel Prause
Tobias Rieth
Julia Römer
Matthias Röpke
Christina Schmid
Kim Seibert
Christoph Störmer
Sarah Wolpers

Student Committees

The Student Committees ('Fachschaften' in German) represent the students' interests of their respective faculties before the Faculty Board, the Student Parliament, the Student Fees Committee and the Appointments Committees. They are the first point of contact for students with study-related enquiries, offering advice on how to organise students' course of study and lending a hand with setting up their timetables. Moreover, the Student Committees are responsible for organising the Orientation Week at the start of each semester.

Faculty of Law

Logo of the Law Student Committee


Room JUR 28 (Law Faculty Building, Juridicum)
Innstrasse 39


Marie-Louisa Emde (Spokesperson)
Ruth Stienen
Timon Schwacha
Henri Heismann
Marco Schmitz
Lisa Wimmer
Zamira Gashi

Faculty of Business, Economics and Information Systems

Logo of the Business and Economics Student Committee


Room WIWI 025 (Business Administration and Economics building)
Innstrasse 27


Friederike Hawighorst (Spokesperson)
Moritz Fingerling
Benedict Rotering
Anna-Lena Hummel
Charlotte Bahr
Paul Springer
Camilla Baldas

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Logo of the Arts and Humanities Student Committee


Room NK 202 (Nikolakloster building)
Innstrasse 40


Julia Römer (Spokesperson)
Philipp Heidepter
Antonia Mantel
Laura Schnell
Sharif Zahran-Freiherr v.u.z. Aufseß
Christian Einsiedler
Robert Hermann
Paul Ritzka
Marie Struivig de Groot
Ambra Dettmann
Lukas Andreas Wallner
Friederike Winterstein

Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Logo of the Comp Sci Student Committee


Room IM 244 (Computer Science and Mathematics building)
Innstrasse 33


Jonas Pöhler (Spokesperson)
Claudio Schmidt
Tobias Susetzky
Martin Nuber
Fabian Knorr
Stefanie Urchs
Sabina Galdobin