Support and administrative divisions and central units

Support and administrative divisions and central units

The University of Passau has efficient service units in place to support the academic body in their work. The organisational structure of the pan-faculty services, including central units, academic support services and the administrative divisions are shown in the organisation chart. All units are answerable to the University Executive, which has mandated academic directors to lead a number of the central units. Furthermore, the University has appointed a number of officers for issues that may affect a number of units simultaneously.

Below is a list of the services and units of the University to help you to find the correct contact person for your enquiry:

  • Division I - University Governance
  • Division II - Communication and Marketing
  • Division IV - General and Academic Legal Matters
  • Division V - International Office and Student Services
  • Division VI - Careers and Competencies
  • Division VII - Finance
  • Division VIII - Human Resources
  • Division IX - Facilities Management

Please follow the link for the contact information of the University's various officers, representatives and advice centres.

Research institutions

Please visit the Research section of the website for details on the research institutions of the University of Passau.