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University of Passau Master's Open Day on 4 May

Master's Open Day on 3 May

Find out all there is to know about the programme content, double degrees, applications and admissions about the Master's degree programmes offered by the University of Passau and get advice on how a Master's degree can benefit your career.

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from right: Dr Stefanie Rankl (CfM), Julia Messerschmidt and Dr Roman Vilimek (both BMW Group), Dr Erich Fuchs (FORWISS Institute), Christian Nagel and Professor Jan Hendrik Schumann (both Chair of Marketing and Innovation) and Dr Stefan Mang (CfM). Photo courtesy of BMW Group.

Paving the way for the next generation of electric vehicles

The next big revolution in the automotive industry, electric drives are gaining more traction as car makers are increasingly putting electrically-powered vehicles on the market. However, how...Read on

German courses for international students

Learn German for one year, then study your Bachelor's degree

German Courses Passau offers summer courses and an Academic German Semester for international students who wish to brush up on existing German language skills, or a full academic year for beginners.Read on

MRI scans show that formal language comprehension is closely related to natural language comprehension. Photo courtesy of Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology

What happens in a programmer's head?

An international team of experts around Dr Janet Siegmund and Professor Sven Apel used functional magnetic resonance imaging to understand why language skills play a crucial role in programming.Read on