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Gender, climate, environment

Does climate change impact women more than men? Who profits more from digitalization? The sociologist Professor Martina Padmanabhan and the Development Economist Professor Michael Grimm have founded a European network of excellence on Feminist Political Ecology that carefully examines gender relations in the responses to environmental challenges.

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Logo of the Electrific project

Electrific: shaping the future of e-mobility

This Horizon 2020 project in co-operation with Deggendorf Institute of Technology and another ten European partner organisations explores how the technology behind e-mobility can be optimised.Read on

Dialects can thrive in digital communication

In this German video clip, Rüdiger Harnisch, a professor of linguistics at the University of Passau, explains why he believes digitalisation and digital communication may be beneficial for dialects.Read on

Oberhaus castle in Passau: view from the Old Town

Project ViSIT: Virtual Reality for medieval castles

As part of an INTERREG project, researchers from the University of Passau bring the history of the castles Oberhaus (in Passau) and Kufstein (Austria) to life by enhancing sections of both castles...Read on


Consul-General of the Netherlands visited the University of Passau

The Dutch Consul General, Peter Vermeij, visited the University of Passau to inform himself of the...

Jörg Fedtke becomes Vice President of the University of Passau – Rainer Wernsmann joins the Senate

The University Council has elected Professor Jörg Fedtke as Vice President for Quality Management...

28th International Telecommunications Society Conference to take place at the University of Passau from 30 July to 3 August

After Cambridge, Madrid and Brussels, the latest regional conference of the International...


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