The University of Passau
16th-best young university worldwide; 2nd place in Germany

Passau is 16th-best young university worldwide, 2nd place in Germany

Another top result in THE Young University Ranking: Passau came in 16th of the 351 participating universities from 60 countries, in second place in Germany after Duisburg-Essen (14th place), followed by the University of Bielefeld (20th place).

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Blocks-based programs work similar to toy blocks and make it easier to get started in codes. Symbolic picture: Colourbox

TENDER-BLOCK – playful approach to software testing

Blocks-based programs make it easier to get started in codes. A team of the University of Passau is developing software engineering tool kits to test and debug codes in this learning environment.Read on

Picture of the participants in the 10th EIASM Workshop on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research

How to get future executives to listen to academia

Researchers from all over the world came to Passau to discuss the following question: How do we develop executives who need to be able to manage in an increasingly less stable world? Read on

Two women watching the video installation on sexualised violence against women in popular culture

Training critical engagement

For the SKILL teaching project ‘Information and Media Literacy’, trainee teachers have worked with lecturers to develop ideas on how to critically engage with media in the digital era.Read on


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