The University of Passau
An interview with Professor Andreas König

'Digitalisation is about a change in the mindset'

Germany is lagging behind in digitalisation, partly due to senior executives’ mindset and a lack of understanding of what it entails. Professor Andreas König, spokesperson for the planned Cyber<>Spaces Cluster, explains what it will take for digital transformation to succeed.

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Logo of the Electrific project

Electrific: shaping the future of e-mobility

This Horizon 2020 project in co-operation with Deggendorf Institute of Technology and another ten European partner organisations explores how the technology behind e-mobility can be optimised.Read on

Dialects can thrive in digital communication

In this German video clip, Rüdiger Harnisch, a professor of linguistics at the University of Passau, explains why he believes digitalisation and digital communication may be beneficial for dialects.Read on

Oberhaus castle in Passau: view from the Old Town

Project ViSIT: Virtual Reality for medieval castles

As part of an INTERREG project, researchers from the University of Passau bring the history of the castles Oberhaus (in Passau) and Kufstein (Austria) to life by enhancing sections of both castles...Read on