The University of Passau
Professor Ahmad Motamedi, Principal of Amirkabir University of Technology, Teheran, and Professor Ursula Reutner, Vice President for International Relations, University of Passau. Photograph: University of Passau

New partnership with Amirkabir University, Tehran

The University of Passau and Amirkabir University of Technology have signed a partnership agreement which will facilitate student exchanges between the two universities. Student exchanges will be possible as of October this year, when the winter semester 2015/16 starts. Pictured: Principal Ahmad Motamedi of Amirkabir University and Vice President Ursula Reutner of the University of Passau at the signing ceremony in Tehran.

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The logo of the Automatic Sentiment Estimation in the Wild (SEWA) research project

Enabling machines to gauge your mood

The Chair of Complex and Intelligent Systems seeks to find out how human facial, vocal and verbal expressions can be automatically analysed for natural human-computer interaction.Read on

Research Training Group on Privacy

Research Training Group on Privacy

Aiming to develop a comprehensive theory of privacy and describe its parameters and interaction with other concepts, the group addresses postgraduate scholars with a viable, interdisciplinary concept.Read on

An electric meter

Weak Security Threatens Energy Grid

Researchers from the universities of Passau and Coimbra have exposed major flaws in a widely deployed smart grid system: the Open Smart Grid Protocol.Read on