The University of Passau
The University of Passau promotes Open Access

Open Access

The University has made it a strategic aim to promote the use of open access and provides the infrastructure and advice for academics interested in open access publication. This form of publication facilitates the accessibility of published research on a global scale and will bring benefits for international and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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Screenshot of the STATISTA statistical information system

STATISTA statistics portal

Info graphs, statistics, surveys and reports on more than 60,000 subjects: reputable sources, always up to date, directly downloadable and freely accessible from the University's computer network.Read on

German courses for international students

Learn German in Passau

The University is now accepting applications for the Academic German Year programme starting in autumn. See the GCP pages for details.Read on

iRhetoric in Russian

iRhetoric in Russian: Performing the Self through Mobile Technology

Professor Dirk Uffelmann explores the rhetoric in online self-presentation using mobile technologies.Read on