Using your CampusCard as a bus pass

Using your CampusCard as a bus pass

Did you know that your CampusCard is not only your student ID card but also a bus pass for Passau's VBP bus network? That's right – you can hop on any VBP bus throughout the semester and there's no need to buy a ticket. However, before you do, we ask you to read the information on this page below. It really is quite important.

A general note on buying tickets on a German bus

In Germany you have to buy your ticket from the driver when you board the bus. Don't just hop on board and wait for someone to come and sell you a ticket as you run the risk of being caught fare-dodging, even if this was not intentional! Likewise, if you use your CampusCard bus pass, you should show it to the driver when getting on the bus.

What must I do to make sure my CampusCard is a valid bus pass?

A blue VBP bus
This is a VBP bus

When you are handed your CampusCard, it is not right away usable as a bus pass. Before you use it as a bus pass for the first time you should make sure, that:

  • your CampusCard displays the VBP logo
  • your CampusCard has your photograph on it
  • you have validated your CampusCard for the current semester

Now your CampusCard is ready for use as a bus pass. If you do not have your picture on your CampusCard, you can still use it as a bus pass but you will need to carry additional photographic ID (i.e. your passport, foreigners registration card or, if you are an EU citizen, your national ID card) whenever taking the bus.

What are the valid dates?

The semester bus pass is valid throughout the semester for which you have validated your card. The summer semester runs from 1 April to 30 September and the winter semester from 1 October to 31 March.

Are all CampusCards automatically bus passes?

No. Only the student version of the CampusCard doubles as a bus pass.

Which bus services can I use it for?

A happy, yellow VBP bus
Not all VBP buses are blue

The integrated bus pass is valid for nearly all bus services operated by Verkehrsbetriebsgesellschaft Passau (VBP), a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Passau (SWP), within the city limits of Passau (look for the VBP logo on the timetable and on your student ID card). There is only one exception: the semester bus pass arrangement does not cover the so-called 'Oberhausbus', which runs between the Old Town Hall and the castle.

Not valid on the other regional bus services

Please be aware that your integrated bus pass is not valid on RBO (aka VLP) services: these bus operators are distinct from VBP and primarily serve destinations outside the city limits (Landkreis Passau).

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

The semester bus pass for Passau costs EUR 16.00 per semester at the time of writing (summer semester 2015). The fee is payable at matriculation and re-registration.

I don't use public transport, so why must I pay?

The fee for the semester bus pass is so low because everybody pays a small contribution. However, for this to work, everybody has to pay their share. For this reason, exemptions are only granted in exceptional cases (severe disability, see below). For more information, please read the student representative council website (German).

Can I apply for an exemption from paying the semester bus pass fee?

If you have a disability, you may be eligible for fee exemption. For details about this and other services, get in touch with:

Student Welfare Office
Room 238, Central Library building
Innstr. 29
Opening hours and other information (German)

You should also contact the 'Versorgungsamt' to apply for a free bus pass.
Website of the Versorgungsamt for Lower Bavaria (German)

What happens if I don't pay the bus pass fee?

The semester bus pass fee is payable together with the other fees charged at re-registration. If these fees are not fully paid, the University cannot issue your student documents (e.g. your student ID card). If there are any outstanding amounts, the Student Registration Office will send you a reminder note asking you to make payment and set a grace period. If you fail to pay the outstanding amounts within the grace period, you will be expelled from the University.


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