The University of Passau provides world-class education through the internationally-oriented range of degree programmes offered by its four faculties:

At the start of the winter semester 2009, the Faculty of Catholic Theology became a Department and was integrated into the Faculty of Arts and Humanities on the basis of an agreement between the State of Bavaria and the Holy See.

Co-ordinating research, teaching and programmes

The faculties co-ordinate research and teaching activities and the curricula within their academic disciplines. Each faculty is headed by the Dean and his or her faculty administration staff – the Dean's office. The Dean's office provides a variety of services and is responsible for co-ordinating lectures and venues, doctoral examinations, habilitation procedures, staff appointments, accreditations of degree programmes and the courses offered at the faculty.

Programme advisers

Each faculty has a Dean of Studies, who is charged with monitoring the quality of the study conditions, as well as programme advisers for each degree programme.

Organisational units

The faculties are composed of individual chairs, which in turn may be clustered by subject area. Institutes provide project-related know-how to external entities and undertake special research projects, including contract research, benefitting the students of the University and businesses in the region.