The Representative Council for Academic and Artistic Staff

The Representative Council for Academic and Artistic Staff

The Representative Council for Academic and Artistic Staff represents the interests of all non-professorial academic staff at the University of Passau, including senior lecturers and lecturers, assistant professors, teaching and research assistants. As a representative body, we are commited to keeping those we represent informed of all relevant developments and to ensuring transparency in everything we do.

Our terms of reference are as follows:

  • Represent the interests of non-professorial academic staff in the University's governing bodies
  • Provide assistance to non-professorial academics with difficulties of any kind
  • Facilitate opinion-seeking within the faculties
  • Co-ordinate of the activities of the sub-committees

The Representative Council convenes at least once every semester.

Some members of the Representative Council
Photo taken on 23 May 2016, showing some of the Representative Council Members
(from left to right: Dr Marc von Knorring, Dr Claudia Mayer, Angelika Schmid, Dr Philip Jacobi, Dr Marcus Giamattei)


Name Function Faculty
Dr Marcus Antonio Giamattei Senator and Spokesperson Business, Economics and Information Systems
Angelika Schmid Deputy Spokesperson Business, Economics and Information Systems
Andreas Landes Deputy Spokesperson Arts and Humanities
Dr Philip Jacobi Arts and Humanities
Dr Marc von Knorring, PD Arts and Humanities
Dr Andreas Köhler   Law
Janine Maier   Arts and Humanities
Dr Claudia Mayer   Law
Dr Johannes Nagler   Computer Science
and Mathematics
Andreas Stahlbauer   Computer Science
and Mathematics
Eva Filleböck Student Assistant  


If you have a question, need help with a problem or wish to make a suggestion, you can get in touch directly with Marcus Giamattei, or one of the Deputy Spokespersons, Angelika Schmid and Andreas Landes.

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in working with the University's governing bodies, contact your representatives at your faculty or one of the spokespersons of the Representative Council. We are always happy to hear from anyone who wants to make a difference at the University.