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Section I/2 Reporting and Statistics

We at Section I/2 are your contacts for statistics, capacity calculations and allocation of funds. Further details are provided in the sections below. To comply with data privacy laws and regulations, some statistics are only available within the intranet of the University. All statistics are exclusively available in German. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

An overview of the statistics of the University of Passau and their reference dates can be found here.

In sommer semester 2024 there are 10.450 students enrolled at our University. Of these, 644 have just started their degree programmes and are in their first semester. Aggregate statistics on students' home countries, citizenships and current stage of study can be provided on request.

Please note that all statistics are provided exclusively in German. The data are updated biannually, on 1 December for the winter semester and on 1 June for the summer semester. Preliminary data for the current semester can be found on our facts and figures page.

Development of student numbers from winter semester 2016/2017 to sommer semester 2024 (German text)

Headcount sommer semester 2024 (German text)

Graduations in 2022 (German text)

Please visit our archive page for statistics on past semesters.

For figures on gender distribution, see 'gender equality reporting' below.

Following the amendment of the Higher Education Statistics act on 1 March 2016, new doctoral statistics were introduced. These are compiled on 1 December each year and show the number of doctoral researchers who have been formally admitted for doctoral study by the faculties.

Doctoral statistic for 2017 (German text)

Doctoral statistic for 2018 (German text)

Doctoral statistic for 2019 (German text)

Doctoral statistic for 2020 (German text)

Doctoral statistic for 2021 (German text)

The aim of the gender equality reporting pilot project is to ensure regular collation, analysis and publication of equality-related data, indicators and figures. This provides a sound basis for the targeted integration of equality aspects in planning and control processes, for example within the framework of target agreements or development plans. Uniform access to equality-related data facilitates gender-specific evaluations for students and staff as well as professorial appointments. Specific analyses at the faculty level or for specific equality-related issues make it possible to draw up measures and controls that fulfil the relevant requirements. Deficits and successes become visible in various areas and follow-up processes can be initiated.

At present, our gender equality reporting work is focused on:

  1. updating and enhancing the annual reports on equal opportunities for women and men at the University of Passau
  2. making available a comprehensive range of data to establish binding, verifiable and qualitatively improved gender equality targets

This pilot project is conducted by the Equal Opportunities Section in close co-operation with the Reporting and Statistics Section (University Governance Support Division).

Below are the most recent figures:


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